wanify | Why VeloCloud?
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Why VeloCloud?



A few years ago we saw the beginnings of all the buzz around SD WAN. At the time, two of our founders were partners in a carrier consulting business called Atlas IP, specializing in communications like hosted pbx and contact center, as well as connectivity (think MPLS, fiber internet, point to point, etc.) We decided we had to check this SD WAN stuff out.

We scoured the internet as we started seeing more and more entrants to the market. We saw Aryaka, TeloIP, Ecessa and VeloCloud. Note, we really liked all these providers and think they can all be a great solution for a lot of customers but our goal was to pick one that would have the widest net. We ultimately picked VeloCloud for the following reasons:

1) Pure Play SD WAN solution – We have always preferred the best of breed providers over the vendors who try to do everything for everybody. There are a bunch of providers in this space that used to be WAN Op vendors, firewall vendors, etc. trying to mold their legacy products into SD WAN products. VeloCloud does one thing and does it very well… SD WAN which is what we were looking for in a partner.

2) Architecture – VeloCloud was built for the cloud. As more and more apps get pushed to the cloud we needed a solution that can help customers ensure application performance across public internet pipe. VeloCloud’s cloud gateways that are located at the doorstep of most cloud / SAAS providers data centers, which is a big advantage.

3) On Prem vs. Cloud – We wanted a solution that was a pure OPEX, not an on prem hardware solution.

4) Costs – We found that VeloCloud is certainly not the cheapest solution on the market but not the most expensive either.

5) Market Adoption – We needed a partner that had some name recognition and market adoption. We weren’t trying to reinvent the space, just wrap our technical capabilities and world class customer service around a rock solid technology. What we found… AT&T, TPX, WindStream and other #bigtelcos chose Velocloud as their SD WAN partner too, which really validated our decision.

6) Ease – VeloCloud is easy to work with, pricing structure is simple and people are great to work with.

Again, I’m not saying that VeloCloud is the end all be all and the right solution for everyone but we had to pick one and we couldn’t be happier with our decision.

  • Robert Nordstrom
    Posted at 12:34h, 06 May Reply

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